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Outstanding Business of the Year Award

The Outstanding Business of the Year award was established in 1993 to recognize an outstanding business located in or serving the community of St. Anthony Village


The company must be located in St. Anthony Village, have an office in St. Anthony Village, or be a member of the St. Anthony Area Chamber of Commerce. However, it is not a prerequisite that the company be a Chamber of Commerce member.


Nominations may be initiated by an individual, group, or organization to recognize a company. The owner or employee of a company cannot nominate their own company.

Guidelines for person(s) initiating the nomination:

  1. Review the award criteria

  2. Complete the nomination form

  3. Obtain up to two (2) letters of recommendation from people who can give personal testimony about the company's accomplishments. (optional)


A company and/or its owners and employees must have:

  1. contributed community service in St. Anthony Village. Community service is defined as participating in civic groups, civic activities, or any charitable or non-charitable giving or activity which benefits the community above and beyond the main products or services which the company provides.

  2. The company must provide quality products and services to the community. This includes products and services to consumers and/or other businesses.

  3. The company's facilities must be well maintained and attractive.

  4. The company should have a good relationship with its employees.

  5. Additional factors for consideration (but not mandatory) include leadership in the industry, product innovation, and growth.


All nominations must be received by the St. Anthony Area Chamber of Commerce no later than March 15. The Outstanding Business of the Year Award will be presented at the Chamber's Annual Meeting in April.

Nomination Form

Nominee Information

If possible, describe how the company has:

Letters of recommendation: (Attach up to two (2) separate letters of recommendation from people who can give personal testimony about how the nominated company meets the criteria listed above. Letters of recommendation may include specific examples, anecdotes, dates, and facts relating to the nominees accomplishments. Letters of recommendation should include writer's name, address, phone number, and relationship to the nominee.)

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