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Join the Chamber!

  • Individual

    non-business (e.g. retiree, public official, member of the public)
    Valid for one year
  • Small Business

    Fewer than 20 employees
    Valid for one year
  • Large Business

    20 or more employees
    Valid for one year

Why join the St. Anthony Area Chamber of Commerce?

  1. To invest in a healthy business community.

  2. To heighten visibility.

  3. To network and generate new business.

  4. To connect with community leaders.

  5. To be “in the know” about the community.

  6. To get involved and make a difference.

  7. To market products and services.

  8. To help establish or maintain a good reputation.

  9. To strengthen the business voice in government.

  10. To learn new skills to grow your business. 

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