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Villager of the Year Award

The Villager of the Year Award was established in 1991 to honor and recognize a resident of St. Anthony Village who has made outstanding contributions to improve the quality of life in the community.


Any adult resident of St. Anthony Village who has given active service to the community, whether in a job related, civic, or volunteer activity(ies) is eligible for nomination.


Nominations may be initiated by an individual, group, or organization to recognize the distinguished service of the individual. (Self nominations will not be accepted,)

Guidelines for person(s) initiating the nomination:

  1. Review the award criteria

  2. Complete the nomination form

  3. Obtain up to three (3) letters of recommendation from people who can give personal testimony to the nominee's accomplishments. (optional)


A nominee must have contributed quality service to the community of St. Anthony Village through activities in business, government, education, professional, civic, religious, or other organizations or activities. The nominee must possess a record of noteworthy service that contributes to the quality of life in St. Anthony Village.


All nominations must be received by the St. Anthony Area Chamber of Commerce no later than March 15. The Villager of the Year Award will be presented at the Chamber's Annual Meeting in April.

Nomination Form

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